No Motivation Day

23 03 2012

Today is a “can’t find it day”. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to find the motivation to go to the gym and get my workout in. When I get like this, there are a few things I can do that always seem to help out. I’m not going to talk about health benefits etc. as there are thousands of articles about that. I’m talking about a one day funk where you just can’t seem to get going and need something to kick you in the butt. Here they are in no particular order.woman sleeping on bag

Not motivated on cycle1. Take a shower. I know I have heard it before. Why get washed up to go sweat and get stinky? Well, a lot of us take showers first thing in the morning before work and so our mind is conditioned to associate a shower with getting up and going.

2. Take my pre-workout supplements. All the pills, powders, oils etc can be very pricey. So the idea of taking them and then wasting it by not working out always helps to get me moving.

3. Send my trainer or workout partner a text saying I’m not going in because I’m not motivated. This one is pretty self explanatory and is also one of the best reasons to have a good trainer/workout partner.Drill Sgt

4. Open up the “Fat Leo” folder on my computer and look at the pictures of myself before I started working out. The thought of going back there is a good motivator.

5. Look at myself in the mirror and think about how much work I still have left to do in the gym and how not many people will take advice from an out of shape Trainer.

Usually one of those things always works and I get up and go. Sometimes though, they are not enough. In those instances, the only thing that works, and when all is said and done, the only thing that always works, is to just get in the car and go to the gym.

Have a great workout.
Get Fit;

©LAWIII 2012




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